close to the end

I have this weird feeling that Hilary is going to break up with me. Maybe I am just threatened by the thought of Amy becoming part of the picture again. I am not going to do anything rash or without thinking. I am just going to keep this thought in the back of my mind and I am going to prepare myself. I am also going to try and withdraw from Hilary.
With draw or pull away, I will try and stop spending so much time with her. I will try and stop telling her so much and just be there for her if she needs me. I am not going to totally hang her out to dry but, I am just going to prepare myself for Hilary’s decision about Amy. I will not make her choose between Amy and me. I will let her make her choice and then handle it from after she makes her choice. I am not going to tell her any of this because I want to see what her choice will be.

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