this is just a rough draft, or a short tell of horror.

Dark Hallway Of Terror
Walk in the shadows of the dark terror,open your eyes to look in the hallway of screams at night- with blood on the wall and creepy pictures hanging by one nail. With one creepy light at the end of the hallway. As the room shakes your- breath is about to come clear enough that you can see your own breath out of your mouth. You look in the light and- you see a spirit, you wonder what is that creepy light at the end of the hallway. Then some one said “Hello there, is any buddy home?” You think to yourself is that a ghost or someone that wants to slice you up into pieces , or is just your imagination- playing tricks on your mind. Still walking in the hallway- you notice a little girl smiling at you, you come to her and you ask her “what is your name little girl?” She look at you then giggles and, tells you her name is” Kathinely”. you wonder where the heck have a heard that named before? So you start to walk with her at the end of the light then you realize it was your name that your parents gave you when you were a youngster. You don’t realize it but you are dead.. and you will never wake up.. Unless some one helps you to (think other wise) or maybe this is really just a dream or a nightmare and you are still alive and you say to yourself “Thank God” that I am still alive in my house.

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