Amy situation

Today I confessed to my therapist that the relationship between Hilary and I was going but I was a little uncomfortable with the whole Amy situation. I told her that I think that Hilary might leave me for Amy then when Amy and Hilary break up, Hilary might again ask me out. Hilary and I have not been going out long enough for me to make any assumptions, but I think the signs are there. I am trying to do the best thing for both Hilary and myself.
I am not going to leave Hilary or accuse her of anything. I am going to start distancing myself from her though. I do not want to become reliant on her for anything and I do not want her to become r reliant on me for anything. I like Hilary but, I will not put myself in mental danger or her in mental danger. I will be the one who puts on her big girl panties and say no when I need to say no. I am an independent person and I plan on keeping it that way.
I am afraid that Hilary does not know what she wants or what she is looking for. I also will not blame her if she is at this stage of her life. I have already gone through this stage of my life. I am looking for a mature equal for a romantic partner. Hilary might or might not be this. We all have shit in our life. Hilary’s shit is stinking worse than mine at the moment.

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