Shelf Harm

Today, I had a few dollars left from paying my library fee that I went to the store and bought a razor blade to cut with. I want to see myself bleed. Bleeding is one way that I can see that I am still a human. Cutting will not turn into an obsession for me. I believe I am in full control of my cutting. Cutting may or may not be the outlet I have been looking for.
I used to have risky sex as a way to release my urge to find self control. I am in a serious lesbian relationship now, risky sex is not longer an interest to me. I will cut on my feet because it is the one part of my body that can stay covered with socks even when I am having sex. I do not want Hilary to know of my cutting. I do not want her to know I cut. I am afraid that if she knows that it might make her cut worse and more often.

2 thoughts on “Shelf Harm”

  1. I myself was a cutter. It is actually all about feeling in control of it. you feel like you can handle it and not get addicted. But That’s how it starts. Im fourteen so I might not know so much but I know that.

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