First cut

Last night after I took my pills and was in my room for the night, I cut. I used the razor blade that I got earlier yesterday. Cutting with the razor blade was to easy. It cut through my skin like a knife cutting through butter. I liked the sight of me bleeding. It was a sign that I am still human and I still can bleed.i do not have band-aids so I used a napkin I got from school. It was so natural. I am human and bleeding is a natural part of being human. My blood is something that no one can take from me. I still have a heart beet that makes my blood stay warm. I do not think that Hilary will find out.

2 thoughts on “First cut”

  1. I been reading your public journals but didn’t really know what to say although, I wanted to say something to comfort u. just want to say please don’t hurt yourself there are so many people out there care about u, want u to be happy including me and Sprout 🙂 . things always don’t go as we expected but I guess that is what makes our life interesting and give u the stories to tell your friends or family later on your life.

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