The penguin proposal

Today I took a walk in the park for the first time in a long, long while. The bf and the wiener dog came along too. We walked over the bridge, and somebody had taped a “will you marry me?” sign along the side. After we had passed it, I asked bf if he had seen it; he said no. On the way back he saw it, and tried to convince me that he had put up the sign. Nice try. This sign is legible, you have the handwriting of a serial killer. Way to Bogart somebody else’s proposal. lol. Then he asked if I would prefer being proposed to on the jumbotron (I am a hockey fan, GO PENS!). I said no, it would have to be at center ice at a home game if he was going to do that, and the Penguins would have to be winning. lol. As if it wasn’t specific enough, make it a home opener. With glass seats. Have a ring box that looks like a puck. After I accept “Rock n Roll part 2” must be played. These are my terms. lol.
Just kidding. While that would be awesome, the simple gesture of taping a sign on a bridge in the park would be enough for me. Kudos to the guy who thought of that one. You are a gentleman and a romantic.

That is all

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