My bf is cheating on me… with the xbox….

So, my bf just got black ops II back for the xbox…. I thought I would be psyched; in exchange for getting him the game I would be rewarded with the thing I craved most – alone time. Thing of it is, alone time is not as great as I remember it being. I had dreams of watching whatever I wanted on TV, not being bothered for hours. Then I realized that alone time meant actually being alone, which I was shocked to find that I don’t really like as much I thought I did. So now I’m sitting slightly away from the bf and the xbox, at the computer, being alone but not quite. This raises a valid question: when did I stop being content being a loner?

2 thoughts on “My bf is cheating on me… with the xbox….”

  1. Lol Do a strip tease while he is playing on the xbox. get infront of the tv and strip down to your socks girl lol

  2. That would work, but I would still have to wait until the match is over! lol.

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