Amy who is amy….. idk ….i dont wanna know i dont wanna know why there was a online porn speeddating website on his phone…why there was a chat with amy? porn !watch porn !but try to make contact with the whore.?.why ?what did i do wrong? should i do that? should i talk to men? or what do i do to make this pain go away… i dont dare to mention it..i know ill loose the battle….but i know he knows and i could feel the anger that kills himinside  its torturing him…”does she know?why is she bringing this up?is she attacking me?fuck her im not giving in” …he’s been torturing me these past 3 days with pointless arguments wich ive losted all….but im puttingit all toghther…he knows i know so his plan is to torture me into telling him…but for what?   like i said  battle will b lost on my side


3 thoughts on “love”

  1. I’ve been where you are, the guy cheated on me all the time, talked to other girls when I was in the next room. You don’t deserve to have somebody treat you this way. If the other person doesn’t care enough about you to make you the only girl in his life, then let him go. Being single is way better than being with a cheater who makes you feel like shit. Don’t just start talking to other guys, that would make you no better than him. Cut him loose and then find somebody that really loves you.

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