Happy Birthday Mom,

Soon it will be that day again and I will remember all the good and wonderful things my Mother did for us kids while on this earth. She was the kind of Mother everyone wanted when i was growing up. She was kind, compassionate, caring, loving, most of all she was beautiful inside and out. She had a heart of gold and really cared about her family and people and what happen to them. She loved to paint garden, read, sew, I don’t think there was nothing she could have not done. She was a people person and love to spend time with her husband and children. She had loads of friends and people who love her. She was born March 24th 1924 and left this world March 9th 1978. She died suddenly at home and our life’s were never the same. You see our loving Father died also at home suddenly. So each birthday I buy a big bouquet of her favorite flowers and go visit her and remember and talk to her and tell her how things are going with me and the family. I reminisce , i cry and remember all of the good times we had and tell her soon mom soon I will be home with you soon:)

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