SATURDAY_  03-   23_  2013_

My  name  is  Ava  and   I  wasn’t  sure  if  I  wanted  to  make this public  or   not  but  I  decided   to   go  ahead  and  give  it  a  try.

This  is  my  first  time   published  journal   and   I  am  so  excited  to  ne  here   and  have   this.

I   will  try  to  write   a  little  each   day,   actually   it’s   my complain,  , moan  and  groan   journal   everyone  is  welcome  to   leave   a  comment  and   I  will  look   forward   to  chatting  with  you.

Be  safe,

Have   a  nice  weekend,  safe  and  fun  one.



  1. AWWW, thank you California Dream and Sprout 22,
    For the warm welcomes and sweet post I appreciate so much! 🙂
    I like your names, California Dream your name reminds me of the Mamma and Papa’s song California Dreamer and Spout 22 your name is adorable.
    I am surprised to get post already and so happy I didn’t think I would so soon. Made my night.
    This happen 2 weeks ago I was at mom and dad’s and they have a step up to their foyer that goes in the living room and a friend made this step _ up a small low to the ground one and I tripped over my own 2 feet and fell , I bounced when I did I bounced 2 when or should say before I actually hit the ground and I was so much in pain I told mom I think I broke my arm scared her to death and myself too, I was able to get up and she thought it was my left arm I hurt was my right seem like it should have been the left on but I went to the Dr the 2nd day I was hurt Friday I did this on Thursday and I he examined my arm and he had x rays after I seen him I went down to radiology and the Dr called that day said I had many torn ligaments in my arm hair line fracture in my arm I took my meds they worked finally only after it was almost time to take them again we told him and he messed up or either the technical lady did and didn’t put the post on his desk we had to use the emergency # I didn’t want to my husband called and was very upset and so was I and mom and dad, my dad was at Pat’s and dad was near his CVS Pharmacy he likes it better so he had to wait their for 2 hrs at Pat’s until my meds where ready he said he would wait until the ends of the earth if he had to, he told PS my husband to stay home with me and he’d get my meds my husband is so wonderful he didn’t want to go and leave me and didn’t want to take me being in so much pain we were so relived and appreciated so much!
    He brought it home to us and we thanked him.
    I still don’t feel well we had to go back to the Dr he rechecked me and said that he doesn’t think I will need surgery will see and also I went back to another after my 1st appointment with my family Dr and this was incredible mom was begging the Dr to see me every Orthopedic surgeon was in conference that day or out of town or on vacation we couldn’t believe it, PS my husband came home to check on me the line was busy he called mom on her cell and could tell she’d been crying and came to mom’s and dad’s house he stayed home with mom and helped between them they found some one he made sure I was comfortable and got me to sleep for while, mom found one but his OA was there assistant and we all went in together I didn’t like the nurses attitude like a cold fish and the tec same way she asked why the Dr didn’t take a MRI said I don’t know that’s how the Dr did it. my husband asked what her problem was ? Silence I was just asking a question she said I had to stop him before he said anything else.
    The Dr was a cold fish didn’t say anything asked me to move my arm around and how it hurt and how far I could pull my arm out and said wear a sling and non movement and she asked about the MRI we all think she was a assisatant and was saying she was saying she was an OA.
    My husband bless his heart and sisters are a God given gift and mom they were all so scared and worried about me and scared to death what kind of damage I did and worried and hates to see me in so much pain.
    I was able for 2 days to stop my meds and taking advil but now I am hurting again and feel like some one has weights on my arms and my arms I guess get stiff when I don’t move them it’s like bell bars on them.
    I am sorry I just now written been sleeping most of the day and I feel so sorry for my husband, our girls his sisters and my mom for making them worry and put so much work on them.
    I will write soon as I can, please don’t worry will be fine and be back try tomorrow if I feel up to it.
    thank you again for your nice post.
    Have a beautiful night and day,

  2. Hope your arm heals Ava. And my name sprout 22 is the name of my sweet dog that me and my husband rescued from our local shelter. Go to my profile and you will see a picture of him. We love him:)

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