Tuesday _ March _ 26 _ 2013_ at 9:20 pm

as  I  write  this  it   was   a  pretty   quiet  and   a  serenity  day  and  I got up  and  got  ready  and  PS  my  husband   took  his sisters  to school and  then  we  came  to  my  parents  with  our  little   fur kid  to   my parents and  everything was  fine  a  quiet  day,  mom  and  made  him breakfast and  he  mostly  stayed  in  bed,  he  got  us  some  fire wood,  talked  to  mom,   told  is  what he  wanted  to  eat  and that’s   it.I  thought  dad  and  I  were going  to get into it  again, see  he came in  and  told mom  about a  exotic  pancakes  and he  was  asking mom if you could use  baking soda  in  baking  food  he thought the lady was using that and that’s  for  like cleaning your sink etc  and it’s  baking powder she  mom found our about  I  went to tell him  and  he  kept saying that’s what  he said,  I  said no dad you were saying baking soda and I said  I don’t want to argue it’s  not  important said it  nicely  as I  can  and he  was holding his cell phone and got up  I was all ready  headed  in the living room and  asked mom about  it  he said  I  was right never apology I thought oh no he is going to get on to  me for something I didn’t do again but all was fine, he does that sweetheart he will start  on someone be me, mom or Pattie and  wont stop until he gets you down! NO MORE! it’s my fault for  letting him get me to that point! NO MORE! I WONT LET HIM HUMMMMM!

That’s  all  that  really  happening  nothing  much to  say that  happened.

PS  was  so  proud  of  how  I  handled  dad  and  he  is  Ps so  sick of  how he  treats  me  but  so  is  mom.

I  think  everything  will be  fine….

My  arm  was  hurting  me  really  bad  and   it  seems  like at night  it  starts  around  5:00  pm  to  start  and  hurt.

I  am  going  to close and  be  with  my husband  and  will try unless rain tomorrow  and  next  couple  of  days  be  back.

If   not  have  a  safe,  fun  and  good  weekend!

And  a beautiful  day and  night,



I helped  mom  I cleaned their  parrots  a  blue  parrots  bird cage  he  came  in  and  said  becareful  I  though he would said  let me help  you but nnnnnnnooooo  he  said  becareful  hmmmm some  dad he is.

Well  the  people about  my  MRI  called  and  told  them to please call and  cancel that I  have  another DR this  is  the  one  who had  his  assistance   to  look  at  me   and was  a cold fish.  I  got  that taken care of.

And  dad  came  in  the  living  room  and said  he  has a hole in his gum and  tooth  is  hurting  him  so  now  he’ll  have  to  go  the  dentist.  I wasn’t  going  to  be  a  hard nose  like  him   and  be  unfeeling  I  went in the  bedroom  asked  him  how  he  was and  if  he  needed  anything?  He  said  no  and  thank you.

Mom  and  I  took  a  long  nape  was  nice and  enjoyed it.


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