13 thoughts on “Workin”

  1. What’s Up California Dream? Are you feeling ok?

  2. Yup, I’m good. I was just little tired last night 🙂 how r u?

  3. I am doing pretty good today:) I am getting old and i feel it. I have been telling my husband and friends about your website. They are going to check it out and see what it has to offer. I think once you get themes and font color your good to go. I am glad your doing ok and feeling better from your cold. Have a good weekend and Happy Easter:)

  4. I’m glad that u r doing good today:) I am actually not 100% clear of what u mean by theme n font color lol. I need to know exactly what u want; to see what I can do with it. Can u explain me little bit more about theme and font color

  5. N thank you so much for the support!!!!! Have a great weekend & Easter!

  6. Like font is your letters and you can chose different colors. Theme is like flowers or birds on your journal or different colors pages. Like my space but for journal. Hope that helps and you can look it online and put font themes for journals. I think the young people would like it.

  7. Thank you for the reply. Yup I think I understand better now n I will see what I can do with this:) u know that u can change font color n font when u writing a journal right? Through wysiwyg editor that u have at the top of the input box. If that’s what u meant by font u got it already I have a brief explanation of how to use it on FAQ page.

  8. I am so sorry you are right you already have the color for the font. Now all you need is themes for the journal page. Have a good weekend:)

  9. It’s beatiful here in chicago today. 50 degrees n sunny. Spring is finally coming:) u have a good weekend too!!

  10. Its going to be 74 here today and sunny:) Oregon is a beautiful state to:) It rains alot but when its days like today I don’t care. Plus if you live here you have to take the rain with the sun.

  11. I replied back to Dreamgirl and asked her to stay on:) Life is not that bad to where you can’t work it out:) You might want to read the comment:)

  12. Yes I read your comment! Hope she feels better today. Sometimes, it’s really hard for me to say something comforting or motivating. Obviously, u have much better writing skills than I do. Thanks for making good comment for Dreamgirl:)

  13. you are great:) you don’t have be a scholar to write. I am why older then you to and have had plenty practice:) I am retired from nursing. I was a RN and all I did was write all the time in charts. My the time your my age you probably will write a book. And look at you you made this website and its awesome and I don’t know how to do a website. Also sometimes the littlest words have the biggest in packed:) So keep doing what your doing its working:)

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