3 thoughts on “feelings…”

  1. Just be yourself if know one likes it tell them to take a hike:)

  2. Not to be all philosophical on you but I once had somebody answer this exact question for me and I found that it helped, if only a little. The answer I was given, which looking back on it wasn’t really an answer but something to give thought to…any how, this is what I was told: “Maybe you can’t be honest with your feelings in front of other people because you are not honest with them to yourself.” I know it seems like a stupid thing to say but it helped me so hopefully it will help you too. 🙂
    Best of luck and just be yourself.

  3. I can understand that thought. I hide behind facades. All my friends think they know me but all they see is a facade. But sometimes my facades slip. especially with people I don’t know and it’s a very good feeling yet I can’t control when I put my facades up and down. I hope that you succeed in this. When you finally show your true feelings it feels like you are soaring. A wonderful feeling. When you are released from your facade, would you write another journal about it? I would like to know. I know I sound like a slut expressing my own problems when you have your own but please reply and write another journal…

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