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  1. we have a dance at the end of 8th grade and there is a boy i wanna go with but he already has a date or something like that and a few others asked me to go but one in paticular cause he asked me out in the beginang of the year but i said no cause i thought we were just friends.he had eric ask my out for him and i told im not to say anyting about what i was about to say (that i wanted to go with Dan) and he told him that if dan says no then he would be my second choice when i reality i didnt want to go with him cause he might think to much into it and i know that he still has feelings for me .what do i do?

  2. Hi Mia 🙂
    Well first let me see if I understand correctly. You want to go to the dance with one guy and he’s already taking someone else so another guy wants to go with you but you don’t want to go with him cause you think he’ll think to much into it? Well if that’s correct I think that you should be honest with the guy that wants to take you and say that you want to go to the dance and have fun but just as friends.. That’s if you want to go with him. If you don’t want to go with him go with someone you want to go with and just explain to the other guy that you would say hi to him there but your going with someone else. As for the guy you really wanted to go with that’s going with someone else you should realize he isn’t worth your time if he didn’t want to Howith you.. Hope that helped. (:

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