Saturday Observations

Woke up 8:30 am finally feeling rested. During the week there are so many noisy interruptions, and once I wake up, that’s it, no going back to bed. Or just when I try, hubby’s snore cycle amps up, or there’s the garbage men 2x a week with the roar of the truck’s compactor, or my dogs who are random, equal opportunity barkers, running from living room to bedroom yapping and crying. Throw in the mix my neighbor, who looks just like Hank Hill. He’s an ex-Marine, who even in winter goes without a shirt and wears shorts. He landscapes his yard and his neighbors starting at 7:00 am before it gets too hot. Needless to say my cairn terrier goes ballistic over high frequency noises. Grrrrrrr. That makes this Saturday all the more special because I’ve had none of the aforementioned chaos.

I played around with my daughter’s laptop I just bought for $125. My son said she overcharged me, I’m just trying to help her out. She’s in a bad roommate situation. Tried playing my Scrabble game, but after futily dragging the letters across the board with my finger, and going back and forth, I figured it was too much work, and I xed out.

Took the two pooches for a walk and already at 10:00 am it’s very warm and humid, the nice breezes we’ve had for the last couple months have gone. I saw three little boys bouncing a basketball headed off to the park, and a young man in his twenties hiding in the trees talking on his cell phone. Came home to find out there was a raging warehouse fire a few streets over and we never smelled or saw it. Now I want to drive by and check it out. Growing up, my dad always drove us by fires.

Walking by the woods, for some reason I sometimes think about dead bodies and murder. I wonder what I would do if I saw a hand sticking out. Maybe I watch too much reality crime tv. Had an idea about a mystery involving  a serial killer and refrigeration.

My 19 yr. old son Lou is going on about his pretty lemon colored lizard he just bought. Reptiles are his new passion, he and Frankie his buddy from across the street are really into it. I don’t remember when exactly they morphed into lizard guys. He asked if I wanted to watch his lizard feed on crickets later and I hesitated because I like bugs, except roaches. He said apparently medium sized crickets eat smaller crickets. Too bad roaches don’t do that; those suckers stick together.

My oldest, Audrey just came in to pilfer supplies for the beach as she and her fiance head out for New Smyrna Beach. Liv, my youngest took off a little earlier after she scrounged food from my pantry with her friend for an all day, all night school event for drama.

My hubby is watching tv waiting for his socks to dry and then we’ll head out to BJ’s, a big box store, and check out the deals and buy more bulk stuff. He’s watching cartoons. The border collie is trying to bug me for another walk.

Saturdays in the 1960’s when I was a kid was cartoon day; later as a teen American Bandstand and Soul Train played on tv while I did my chores. Now as an adult I only get one Saturday off a month at work so Saturdays become even more rare and special.

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