Plant Proverb

I like plants because they always keep it simple. They grow towards the light of the sun and only require a foundation of water and soil. But they also need balance. If plants are neglected they get too much sun that dries the soil of water; if they are spoiled they get too much water that causes leaves and roots to rot. But if you realize your fault quickly, the plants don’t have to die. You can revive them with water or cut away their necrotic wounds. They are resilient: with their three simple needs met, plants flourish. They display their triumph with bright colors, amazing shapes and alluring scents. Such variety and elegance from such a simple being. Humans could learn so much from plants if they ever paused to consider the beauty in their humble simplicity.

But plants don’t have brains to over-analyze things, or hearts to feel things. They don’t have dreams of love and success. Humans can’t cut away a broken heart or a lost soul; they require more than water to revive a wounded spirit. Once I read in the bible that “in much wisdom, there is much grief, and with increasing knowledge, there is increasing sorrow”. And so reflects the state of man: he knows too much and so he feels too much. Life becomes more complicated with complexity of mind.

So I think it’s time we take a page from the plants. If you keep your needs simple and in balance, you can flourish. The only three things I really need in life are opportunities to learn; things to care for; & people to love. Let your knowledge of your own complexity lend to increasing your happiness rather than your sorrow. It’s a gift to see the world through the perspective of an intelligent learner and observer; don’t take it for granted.

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