I hate Weddings!…

Okay. So mom didn’t let me sleep last night because it’s my cousins’ wedding today. I went to bed around 3:30 am and had to wake up at 5.00 am because, because??…. Umm,… I dunno why I woke up so early… O_o

The vehicle was to come by 10 and my mom was knocking at my door shouting to get ready. But it was not even 8.00 am. I mean common mom. There’s 2 more hours. My dad wanted me to wear a sari because all my relatives are gonna be there. Urgh… The sari was so heavy. Anyhow I was ready by 9:50 and I was waiting. The van came around 11.15. am…. -_- (I hate it when people don’t work on time. I get so pissed off.)

So finally we are on our way to the hotel and everyone starts talking about this and that. So, I plugged my head phones in and started reading the novel. It’s 3 hours long drive. Yeah, I’m the kind of person who wears a sari, takes her music player and a book to a wedding. Sue me!

OMG!! All my relatives are here. Well, most of them. I’m so screwed. I’m sure they are gonna ask “When is your wedding? “Do you have a boy friend?” and all shit. I mean what’s their problem? Until I’m the day I marry someone they’ll all be like, “When are you getting married?” And ones I get married, “When are you’ll gonna have a baby?” And as soon as our baby open her eyes they’ll be like, “It’s time for another baby” Are you fucking kidding me? ARGH!!…. Give me a break!!

Yup. I was right. It was a lot worse. They even started proposing. Well, there’s this guy. He’s an accountant. PhD holder, he’s a lawyer, blah blah blah… And mom, please. For the love of God, just don’t ask anymore questions about that guy. It seems like my mom had my wedding in her mind with that guy already. OH GOD, GET ME OUT OF HERE!! I hate weddings where my relatives show up. They always annoy me. So very much.

Yes. I dream about a wedding with the man I love. I guess every woman has a dream wedding. But this? This is too much. If there’s a way I can get married without inviting my relatives I’d totally do that.

Thank God. Finally I am home. What a day!!… =/

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