She predicts the future.

Went to work as usual. It’s Tuesday, so we have to stay till 3:30pm. After school my sis wanted me to come with her to someone who has special powers. She predicts the future. She does miracles. Actually I don’t believe in those kinda stuff but I had to go with my sis. She went there because she doesn’t have any children. That woman prayed for her and blessed her. She said that my sis will hear a good news before August.

And then she saw me and asked do I have a brother? And it’s not a good time for him. She said I might have to face some problems as well. An accident will happen to me it seems. (O_O) Told that there’s a problem in my house (which is true) I freaked out. And she also said that I have a plan to go abroad and I don’t have to worry about it. My dream will come true. I was surprised. How does she know all that? WOW! I am still freaked out about the accident though. Let’s see what’s gonna happen… =( 

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