Another day with FL Studio….

Didn’t go to church ‘cause I’m still sick. WTF. I take medicine every 6 hours. Still there’s like 5/6 tablets each time. WTF. Urgh…. Went to school to bring my baby girl home. AKA my scooty pleasure. I left it at school for 3 days ‘cause I was sick I wasn’t strong enough to bring it home. I’m so sorry baby girl. I hope our security uncle took good care of you. Let’s go home. I was worried about you and I missed you too…

I continued reading “Run for your life” by James Patterson. I didn’t really feel like reading though. Maybe cause I’m not feeling well or I wasn’t in a good mood. I sat in front of the computer. Checked my mails as usual, read some articles. Watched a movie. Started listening to songs and clean up some unwanted files and folders.

Oh! I almost forgot about FL Studio. Man, this software is freaking awesome. But so effing complicated and hard. There’s so many options and so many things to learn. Watched so many tutorials on YouTube again about FL studio. I was messing with this trying to figure things out for more than 4 hours. WOW!! I’m impressed. I think I’m good as a beginner. Someday (sooner or later) I’m gonna figure this shit out better than now and make my own music. I’m not giving up on this…. 😀 

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