Wonderful day with friends…

My brother and his family are leaving back to India tomorrow. So, my dad wants me to go with them to Ja-ela church. So, I told Dan, Chali and Chill to come to Ja-ela church as well ‘cause that would be awesome. Andrea (Dan’s sis) ditched us again. Bitch!! She has gone to BMICH with some friends. Bleh… =/

Dan was already there when we went in. I was with my brother’s baby girl, outside the church. She’s so cute and such a darling’. Chali and Chill came to church during the Sabbath school (late!) They loved Sheni so much. They didn’t even give her to me or her parent until the sermon was over. Sheni didn’t even cry. She fell asleep on Chill’s hands. I was surprised. They were taking pics and all. They told my brother “Our house is the nearest place from this church. So, we are gonna take her to our place and lock the gates and let the dogs out.” Both of them didn’t want to give her back. =p

After church Chali, Chill, Dan and I waited till the church members leave. Chali wanted to see how well I can play the piano. So, we thought of playing few hymns. Chali took the bass guitar and Dan the classic. I was ready to play the organ. Dan can beat box. And so we sang few songs. I played the bass guitar (after 6 years) just for one song, ‘Glory, glory Lord’. Dan started beat boxing for what I played. It. Was. AWESOME!! It sounds was way better than I thought. They recorded it. Wow! Impressive!! I’ve got some talent there… 😀

Okay now what’s next? Dan, Chali and Chill they all lived in Ja-ela. I was the only one from Negombo so I had to go alone. But they all came with me to Negombo. They wanted to go to Machang and get some beer too. We got into a packed bus. And in the bus they were playing those typical Sri Lankan takata-takata beat songs (that’s what they call the beat cause that’s the only beat the drummers know. They play it for every song. WTF!) Man,.. I hate that music. But then they played one of the songs I know, which I used to listen those days. I knew only the chorus so I was singing it a little louder and did the same steps as the music video and it was fun. Chill joined me and he was enjoyed It too. Dan said “I don’t know you guys man. Don’t talk to me” and he started to beat-box (not loud) just for few seconds though. I was glad to see them laugh and enjoy the time. I mean they just buried their father yesterday for crying out loud. So,.. Yeah. I was glad.

We went to Negombo church as well. It’s the same place where I work. Our school and the church in one place. I thought I could show them my music classroom and my wall paintings and all. When we went in, the church youth (AY) were practicing a song for something I dunno what. And I got a chance to play the violin after 3 YEARS?? OMG!! I’ve almost forgotten it all. I wasn’t proud about it. I never touched my violin after we moved to Negombo. Shame on me. Dan could play the piano as well. So, I wanted Dan to play a duet with me. I told him the chords and the notes. He just had to repeat it. That sounds heavenly. I loved that piece. I used to play it with my brother when we were lived in Kandy.

Then,…. My dad called me. He wanted me to come ‘cause my bro, his wife, her mother, brother and his family was there at our place for lunch. I didn’t want to go. I don’t get along with them much. I didn’t want to fake a smile. I was enjoying time there with them. I knew if I didn’t start keep moving my dad will call me every 5-10 minutes. Urgh,… I was hungry too. So I told the guys the situation and that I need to leave right away and I am so freaking hungry. They told let’s go and eat something. I told NOH!! My dad will kill me cause I knew we are not going to finish eating soon. But they forced me to come and they dragged me along the road. I couldn’t make myself stop or let their hands off my arm ‘cause they were stronger. I said okay, okay I’ll come because people started staring and it was my work place. It was my town and people knew who I am. So I had to behave.

Dad gave me a call again I said that I am still on the way. We all went to ‘the grand’. One of the best places in Negombo and the food there is DELICIOUS!! And oh! Donuts!! The donuts were made in heaven I guess. (I wonder if there are donuts in heaven. Or hell) I loved it I could eat the whole dish. I had two of those and a piece of chocolate mousse cake and a chocolate milkshake. Am I in heaven or what? LOL. We all were laughing cracking jokes and enjoyed it there. Dad called me like 3-4 times. Said that they all are waiting for me to have lunch. You gotta be kidding me? I have to go home and EAT AGAIN? WITH THEM? No freaking way! Yeah, I could eat again. There’s a little more space left for food inside my tummy. (Yes, I eat a lot and I am effing skinny. Bleh…) But NO!! I am not gonna eat again dad. I forgot about the call aaaand we are back on the track.

When the phone started ringing again. “Okay dudes, time to go home!” Chill whistled a trishaw man (that was so cool. I wanna learn how to whistle like that) I asked why? He said to drop me home. I said no need I can go by bus. It’s just 10 minutes away. But they didn’t let me. So, they dropped me home. They talked to my dad and wished my brother good bye and they left. I took Sheni from dad and petted her for a little. Kept her on my scooty as well cause my brother was photo shooting her. Finally went up stairs. They were all there. I talked to them for few seconds and went inside my room. “Da fuck?” Who the hell?… What the hell has happened here? My make-up kit was out. My bed was a mess. My hand bangs, teddy bears were out. Aaaargh… I wanted to scream. It was my sis in-laws’ brother’s kid. I took a deep breath and tried to make myself calm down. Anyway it was a little mess but this??… No way!!

Okay, they are gone. I felt sad ’cause I won’t get a chance to see Sheni for a long time. I am sure gonna miss her. Hmm… What shall I do now? Well, the day is still not over. But seems like I had it all for today. Had so much fun YES!! Laughed till I couldn’t feel my jaw. May be I should blast some music and start cleaning this messed up room. So, yeah. That’s all for today! Good night journal… 🙂

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