June 26 201

My First Entry

I guess this is hello. So, hello. I don’t really have any idea how to begin writing in a journal. I don’t know whether I should just jump right into the middle of my life, or if I should carefully explain  everything so that you are caught up right to this point. It really is a hard decision, always has been.

I have tried to write a successful journal on numerous occasions, but it has always failed. I end up throwing out, or in this case, deleting all my works just because I do not like what I write, or how I write it. I just think that it is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen. I am my worst critic.

I’m going to start off with my events from today, I mean, that is what you write in a journal.

During the previous night, I had the worst nights sleep that you could have imagined. I constantly woke up with a dying thirst. I think it was because my mother had forced me, and my friend who was sleeping over that night, to sleep with the air conditioner on. I am going to assume that she had no problem with this, but I did. Call me strange, but I like to sleep in a warm environment.

I woke up around nine, and that’s when I decided to stay up. My friend, Leah, was still sleeping, so I just played games on my phone until she woke up.

Once she woke up, we went downstairs, and made pancakes for breakfast. It was good. The only bad part was we didn’t check the expiration date on the lemonade we made that morning, and we later discovered that it had expired seven years ago.

After breakfast, we thought that a nice dip in the pool would be a good idea. It was. The water was warm, the sun was shinning, the birds were chirping at a harmonic, low tune. But, like everything, there was one problem; the pool was filled with bugs rom the rainstorm the night before. We stayed in for about a half an hour, making an attempt to rid of the dead insects, but we got grossed out, and jumped out.

We dried off, and got dressed again, but we didn’t know what to do. Leah wanted to play around with the Garage Band on my computer because she doesn’t have a macbook pro, let alone a computer, or cable. I let her have her fun, and I played another game on my phone.

We were doing that for a good hour when we decided that we were hungry. We walked to a near by hotdog place, and got two hotdogs, soda, and chips. I like that place. They have good hotdogs, and good prices. The problem is that the teenage girl who served us was creepy, and she yelled at us for touching business cards by the door. We made fun of her on the way back home.

We ate our hotdogs on the way home. They were finished by the time we got back. We proceeded to go inside, and we had leftover ice-cream cake from my graduation last night. It was good.

We were bored, and had no idea what to do. So, we decided to do one of our childhood summer activities, and draw houses out of chalk. I have a large driveway so we would do this very often.

We didn’t have any chalk do we had to go to the rite-aid in the center of town to buy some. I didn’t want to go because I knew I was going to run into one of the people who I graduated with. I though I wasn’t going to see them anymore because I am going to another school. I was actually hoping on not running into someone, but I did. It was awkward, and of course Leah was friends with them, but I wasn’t which made it worse.

We got our chalk, and did our chalk houses. Leah left around five, and after that, I watched Doctor Who and drew a few pictures for the rest of my night. Now I’m here, typing the events of my day.

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