A day full of Awkward Moments!

Woke up around 4.00 am and started to sort out and list the downloaded songs to my music albums. I stopped at 7.00 a.m. Gosh, there are so many songs that I need to sort out. But not now. Need to get ready to go to church. URGH! I don’t have the scooty with me. It’s in the garage. On service. Why do I feel like I’m missing a part of my body when it’s not there? Can’t wait till tomorrow to bring it back home…

I had to walk to the bus stand. I hate traveling by bus. I have had bad experiences before, (some are really disgusting) but I had no choice. As usual I had breakfast at Prasanna. The sermon was boring today. Dan sent me a text message during the sermon and told me to come there (Ja-ela church). I didn’t have any other plans for today and I didn’t want to go home, so WTH? Okay, I’ll be there. So, after church service I went to Ja-ela church. They have just started the sermon. Mallakki’s cousin’s baby was dedicated and it was communion. I didn’t know. I was wearing red and black. Andrea was surprised to see me. I love the way she loves me like her own sis. I wish I had a little sister. That’d be awesome.

Chill and Isuru were there too. Mallakki came there as well for the dedication. Oh! I miss how we used to go out and have fun. I miss all the movies, face paintings, organizing parties, dancing and shopping and everything. L Now we’ll have to wait at least 5 more years till her baby grows up. I know she misses it a lot more than I do. ‘Cause I will get to hang out with friends anyway.

After church Andrea, Dan, Chill and Isuru we all went to pizza hut and turned that place into another mother fucking danger zone! LOL. Had so much fun there. We were there for more than 2 hours. Chali was the only person who was missing in the group. Isuru came with us but he was always on the phone with his girl friend that lives in Italy at the moment. I think for a guy it was too much. So girly. I mean, if I go out with friends I don’t want him to keep calling me till the end. Calling ones to check up on me is fine. Texting is okay. But not the entire time. Yes, I miss him every time I am happy and I wish he’s around with me to share my happiness. But it’s not possible so I don’t know why you should hang on phone when you hang out with your friends. Seriously, if I know my guy is going to hang out with his friends, I will not disturb him. I will not even let him stay on the phone with me for so long even if he calls. He has a life apart from me as well. With friends and whatever he likes to do. Same with me. You are missing the fun Isuru. You are missing the fun!

We went to Melee ‘cause Chill wanted to get some pants. We were there for another hour or so. Me and Andrea fit on some skirts and a nice red long frock which was Rs.12, 000. I was really impressed with what I saw in the mirror. I looked pretty. But I didn’t have the money to buy it. Blegh!!… -__-

I was looking for a tight black skirt. I saw a nice skirt on a dummy and I really liked it. So I took it off the dummy to check whether it fits me or not. My friends all started laughing their asses off and Chill was like “What the fuck you doing? Put it back on!!” I was like “Wait, no! I want to try this on”.  And then I panicked when I saw the naked dummy. Oh shit!! I tried to put it back on the dummy but the skirt was too tight, I had to unzip it but I couldn’t because I was laughing too. I looked for Andrea, to ask for help. Dan was closing his eyes. Chill and Andrea was laughing their asses off. Then a guy who works in the shop came there at the same time I think because of the sound of their loud laugh. Great! This is so embarrassing. HELP ME!! Oh! Finally I put it back on. Thank goodness. Okay. Time-up guys. Let’s go. NOW!!

That guy who laughed gave me the same skirt (Awkward moment) Andrea tried to fit on another black top which another dummy wore that was sitting in the corner. When I turned around Andrea was laughing and asking for help. The dummy was on the floor. I tried but her pants fell half way down. So I couldn’t make her sit back again. Jeez! WTH is wrong with me? I am never going to come to Melee again. EVER!!  -__-

It was 6:15 when we came out of Melee. You’ve got to be kidding me. Isuru was still on the phone with her girl. Now on Skype. Dan walked me to the bus stand and waited there till a bus comes. When I got down from Negombo it was 7:00 pm. Urgh… I have to walk again. I noticed a van following me. A white van. And suddenly it stopped near me. “OMG!! He’s going to kidnap me!” I was so scared. He said something but I couldn’t hear ‘cause of the head phones. I started walking fast. It moved with me. I crossed the road to the other side. But he didn’t stop. So I took a big stone (oh shit! it was so heavy. But I couldn’t find a smaller one) I tried to throw it at the van. I couldn’t because it was heavy and then I saw him driving away from me. I thought he might stop somewhere again and will try to follow me again. So I carried the heavy stone all the way home. I hate most of the men here. Sooooo annoying!!… =/

I had a wash and took a little nap. It wasn’t a little nap. I woke up around 10:30 when mom called me to have dinner. Another day is gone. It wasn’t that bad. Full of awkward moments… =p

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