So this is what happened to my car

So cop called on Sunday n noticed me that they found my car. I went to the location that they told me n saw whoever stole my car took out all the parts n just abandoned body on the street. There were that much I could do except for just junk it. Never thought this would happen to me but apparently it did. Had to say goodbye to my car that I drove around all over the place for like 6 years.

3 thoughts on “So this is what happened to my car”

  1. So sorry to see this happen to you. what will you do now? Buy a new car or used? Will you have to take public transportation. Very very sorry this happen.

  2. I’m getting a ride from my co-workers now. thinking about leasing a Prius since I think it’s the most economical car but my friends are keep saying that I should get a nicer car if I want to meet a girl 🙂

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