Dear Diary

Well as I said before that is it with both my own facebook accounts as far as I am concerned!! I am to close down both my own facebook accounts. I have had nothing but constant trouble with facebook!! I do not know how many facebook accounts I have opened and closed since opening my own first facebook account back in 2008!!! I have opened and closed a few of my own Twitter accounts to!!!

I am unable to delete my own disabled facebook account with my own name change as I am required to ID my own facebook account!! As I have done three or four times!! Profile photo of me wearing a dark pink t shirt!!  My own other Yahoo mail is now disabled I cannot access it!!! Make things very difficult indeed!!

I am to delete my own facebook account I have access to, with profile photo of me wearing a black top!!! So officially my own social networking sites are as follows my own Twitter SusanElizabeth A my own Google+ and Youtube account and my own New!!! After I delete both my own facebook accounts for good!! I am to look for another much better social networking site than facebook!!! Just fed up with facebook!!! Susan Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok here in New Zealand.

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