letter to my ex

you say that the reason u went running to ur ex the day i said i didnt think it was going to work, was because i wasnt doing my job to make u happy. well lets face the real facts, u convinced me to move to ur city where i knew no one but u and ur mother, i had no way of seeing my family, in the 6 months i was there i saw them once. u tried to control me, everytime i went to counseling u bitched because u couldnt be in the room with me because my counsler wouldnt allow it, which she was right to do so. u tried to keep me from my sister who is my best friend, every time i tried to talk to her u felt u had to know what was being said and when i dint tell u what was being said i was automatically hiding something and wasnt trust worthy. in fact my sister stop texting me so much because u had such a big problem with it. u spoke to ur ex before i said those words to u, and she asked u bout moving in then and u kept that from me for days till i pulled it out of u and when i tried to get u to show me the conversation cause i didnt believe that u told her no to moving in with if it didnt work with me, it was masterisly gone, cause u said u always delete ur messages. bullshit u deleted shit to hide it from me, but yet u wondered y i didnt trust u. u knew that i was severly depressed, that i spent new years in tears because i was away from my family and my sister and couldnt spend it with them, but yet the whole time i lived there u spent ur days bitching because i didnt do much around the house and i wouldnt get a job, but u did nothing to help me with my depression. it was like u had no heart that could possibly care enough about me, all u cared about was urself and u having help with bills and shit. even after i got out of the hospital. u made it seem like if i would just work or get some kind of income comming in our problems would be over when i knew that would never solve our problems cause i was dying inside u didnt care  enough to stop caring bout what u got and sapposedly needed. and on top of it all u put me in debt by running up phone bills in my name and running up my two credit cards and not paying them. cause u just had to have ur damn phones the whole time we were together, just in my name alone u got 4 damn phones and broke them all and the last one u broke on purpose, i havent confronted u bout that because that i  found out after we broke up and got it back and it was clearly broken on purpose just because of how it was broke. so now there is nothing to show for those bills u ran up in my name. and i have no way of paying these bills and it will be a long time before i have any money to do anything so ill probably never be able to take u to court to force u to pay them and i myself will never be able to pay them. so because of u my credit is ruined. also u always put my family down knowing how much they meant to me and knowing it made me feel worse.

so please tell me again how i was the  one to make u so unhappy that  the day i admitted i wasnt sure it was going to work out, that ur ass went running to fuck and be with ur ex.

also if im so bad y have u tried over and over again to convince me to take u back since then, even while u were with her? i dont need an answer for that, i know the answer and that was that even though i had my bad stuff about me, i was damn good to u and treated u good even when u were treating me like shit.

i have moved on with my life and i have found better then u, the  man im with now makes me so happy even on days that i am pissed at him, and hes been by my side through everything i have put him through and ive put him through alot of hell, thats something u could never do.

goodbye forever loser, go fuck up someone elses life cause u will no longer fuck up mine.

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