graduation party

i am so freakin in love with you that it is physically painful to be away from you. even when i can still see you it hurts to not be next to you. you admitted to me that you miss me the same way. you admitted that you want me around. you admitted that im the perfect girl for you. it is so difficult for me to see you and not know how to act. i want to be your girlfriend and more often than not i still feel like i am. but then i remember that you ended that and it stings like a bitch. i think i finally got through to you though, and now you understand that i will be there. i think you realized that im serious and i want to help with everything going on. you wanting to talk means so much because its closer to figuring this out. theres only really two paths and we are a little closer to arriving at one. i really hope we can do this again. i know i feel a lot better.

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