Lol I have some angry people on my street.. Haha anyway..

Girl: I’m upset but I don’t want to talk about it

Boy: I’ll cheer you up because I’m pathetic and can’t get over you and I love you. Want to go to a movie?<3 🙂  Now You See Me starts at 5:30, I’ll pick you up in my stupid blue stang<3 🙂

Girl: Oh I would love that and I’m totally excited to go no matter how much Destinee might want to see this movie with me and you’re so important to me, I’m never letting you go no matter how much you got in the way of me and Destinee 🙂 you’re never ever leaving and I love you<3 x:)

Boy: be there soon<3 🙂

Girl: hurry up mister<3 x)

Boy: hey, I can’t go.. B needs me here and they need me at work and blah blah blah I fucked your Mom last night, can’t make it 🙁

Girl : bleh kk

Boy: I’m sorry<3 poop 🙁


Girl: movie at 5:30?

Destinee: sure.


Boy: I quit my job for you and ran away from home! 🙂  I can go now 🙂

Girl: okay ^-^


Girl: hey Des never mind. I’m upset. Oh and I’ll be too “upset” to text you for most of the night just saying.


Lol I’m sure that’s how it happened hahahaha…

8:25 pm

3 thoughts on “poop.”

  1. Lol I’m so cool. I love this journal. Like.. I catch myself thinking about it and laughing lol

    Also not so wrong. Fuck you.

  2. Don’t ask me to comment on all your journals if you’re just going to get mad at what I put love.

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