First Relationship With a Female.

So through this entire process:

I ended up losing and hating a very good friend. He was like a brother to me. So alike and he never failed to make me smile. Honestly, he was amazing.

Half of Senior year was made a living hell of emotion, pain, hurt, hate, drama and regret.

I wasted SO much time.

And my first relationship with a female ended up being total CRAP for an endless list of reasons. 90% of the entire relationship was crap. Seriously.

I am completely, entirely, fully, and 100% over all of it.

She’s keeping me around because her little boy is leaving for college and she doesn’t want to be alone. Do I have to stay here till the end of July? No. No chick. You put this on yourself.

Let me break it down for you one last time…

You act like I’m sensitive because you did some little shit and you think I’m overreacting. Let me tell you something. You saw how I reacted the first time. And you did it AGAIN. You see how I react when you just TEXT HIM. But you talk to him on the phone. You break down with him. You feel the need to visit him at work. He is still pretty deeply connected with your family. You still talk about him to me. He thinks it’s okay to come see you late at night as a surprise. You still have him fucking WHIPPED. And Serena.. That all happened in one week. And you allowed for all of it to happen. You let it all happen knowing how angry and how hurt it’d make me… Why?


There is absolutely nothing you can do to save me.. Nothing you can do to save us. I am way past gone.. I ask you to please.. Grow Up. Walk in my shoes. And ask yourself.. Haven’t I put her through enough?

And let me go..

3 thoughts on “First Relationship With a Female.”

  1. For fucking sure. One fucking week. And I thought I could trust you. I’m not over any of it. And that’s just the beginning. We have a thousand unresolved issues. Each and every one do their part at driving me insane.
    There’s no way in hell we’d work right now

  2. Then leave, no ones asking you to stay. Not anymore. I’m done. I’m tired of going through all this pain and trying to “change” when all you do is focused on him.

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