I feel you pulling away, I feel the distance getting stronger, I feel like your already gone, youre still here but the lonlyness is setting in, it has started, the ground is breaking step by step day by day its crumbling beneath me and eventually there will be nothing left as always. The storm keeps getting closer like the lit fuse of the bomb little by little it takes pieces of you until you have nothing. Should I keep fighting , do you even want to try? you say that your happy but your not your lying I can see it in your eyes. So many times ive been thru this youd think id be used to it by now my heart hardend by the pain that ive suffered but somehow you got thru the one little crack I had left and its ripping apart at the seams all the stuff you say I want to believe your face is like an angel you treat me like an angel yet I see something underneath the surface that no one else does.

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