holiday hell

Well im here in sunny climes abroad and it really is the holiday from hell, in more ways than one. Im staying in a spanish hotel with the mojority of guests being spanish. They are all so miserable, the place has no atomosphere whatsoever. Nobody is even vaguely friendly. Theyve even nicked my towel that i left on a sunbed this afternoon.
So that coupled to the neva ending misery i feel about Her, is making for a holiday to forget. A holiday to wish would come to an end very quickly.
What happens if she doesnt take me back??
One tx msg in nearly 2 months doesnt really say i miss you, does it?
More like stay out of my life!!
Its so painful, so physically painful..

She has given no hint she will ever change her mind. One tx msg in nearly 2 months says stay out of my life

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