Kristil Garland.

So I went to my job today to get some groceries for my Dad. I drove the truck there, went inside and got everything. I’m sure I looked silly squinting at everything and on my knees looking at prices. I still can’t see. Daisy is always there, I swear. There were only 2 lines open which is stupid but whatever. I waited in line and got to talk cats with this old man.

I think her name was Kristil. She was checking my things. I’ve worked with her only a few times before. She was really quiet. Like her voice volume was soft and low. It was weird. I said “hello” to her. She looked at me confused. She looked at me the entire time. I can’t even see. But I imagined her face confused. Like she couldn’t believe my hair, my face, the way I was dressed or the things I was buying. Like she couldn’t believe it. Like she was seeing a different side of me. Like she couldn’t believe I was there. Like I was higher up than her. It was unusual… But I know we could be friends. Great friends.

But that was probably just my imagination at work. Good night ya’ll.

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