He’s gone

Well that is it. He left me. He left a friendship of 6 years for a girl he has only known for 3 months. One day he is going to wake up and realize that when he needs his best friend, she won’t be there. I refuse to be kept a secret. He told the new gf that me and him no longer talk. Although we were still talking. Once a player, always player is definitely him. He had me wrapped around his finger. We had been through so much together. I loved him. Why choose a gf over a girl that stuck around when all you did was bitch about your ex and I would calm him down and get him to relax after every fight he had with her.

He said that we would have our time in the future to be together,but it was just bad timing. Bullshit, no one knows the future. He told me he cares a lot about me. Bullshit. If he cared so much he wouldn’t call me a slut, knowing that I am not a slut. If he cared so much, he would of just let me have my space to fall out of love with him so we could go back to being best friends.

Well news flash boy, I deserve better than you. I do not deserve to be an option. I am your best friend and if your gf can’t handle the fact that we were so close, she should of been kicked to the curb. But you see I know that relationship won’t last long if she is already telling you who you can be friends with. Yall have only been together for 2 weeks. Hey you’ll figure out that you lost the only girl that called you out on your bullshit and wasn’t afraid to confront you about the crap that you were doing. I wasn’t afraid to call you a jerk when you were acting like one. Yet I would call you out on your shit and would still love you in the end. But the only thing that won’t happen is me letting you back into my life when you come crawling back begging for your best friend.

When you do figure out what a great woman I am, I’ll be long gone. Moved on and getting happy again. Hanging with people that won’t play with my heart.


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