Top 10 reasons for writing a diary by Angela B

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Self expression.

One of my favourite reasons for writing a diary is the ability to express what I’m feeling and thinking and by writing it down I’m channelling that energy into something just for me! Actually my diary is filled with bus tickets, sketches, poems or articles I’ve read, quotes and interesting pieces of conversations. I mix these with colours, and designs, and of course the way I write. For example, I may write in Spanish or English, and my handwriting always changes. I turn the pages and write in different directions or in capitals. I like to explore different ways and write in the way it feels good for me at that time. Nowadays I only buy diaries with blank pages so I have the freedom to create whatever I want on that page. Express yourself through your diary.

Time for you.

Giving yourself time to write in your diary is literally setting aside time just for you, be it every week, every day or whatever. Quality alone time. I love to be on my own, writing down my thoughts and be able to come away from whatever environment I find myself in. If your travelling or you live with other people, your dairy writing time can be a real treasured time of the day. Wicked.

Writing is Therapeutic.

Writing out your ideas / inspirations / troubles and all your daily stuff is therapy. An awesome one. It gives you a freedom to express yourself and allows the words to flow out. You can think things over and reflect. It for sure contributes to a sense of well-being, sometimes I begin writing in a terrible mood and by the time I’ve finished I’m feeling on top of the world. Write down your versions of events!

Re-reading and memories…

I cannot tell you how much I love, love, love re-reading my diary. When I turn up in a new place or start a new part of my life, I like to write what I want to achieve or my first impressions and re-reading these is so much fun. It’s also a really cool reference to look back at what you were doing at that time and you can see how much you’ve evolved! Memories you forgot you had appear in personal detailed form… Also you can look back in pure embarrassment of the things you’ve done, which makes for great entertainment. One reason why my diary is a private one.

Goal Setting.

Writing down dreams and ambitions is a beginning to step to achieving them. Sometimes we have goals and forget all about them, only to return later and find we’ve completed them. A while back I found myself reading a dairy of 2009. I’d written one of the things I’d love to try in the world was tango dancing. Completely unaware it was a thought that had occurred to me beforehand, I turned up in Argentina three years later and dedicated some time for learning to dance tango. This has happened to me a lot, from riding horses to travelling certain countries… It’s also great to re-read for a reference, to write this blog I need to go back through all my dairies to trigger the memories I forgot I had..

A present just for you.

Your dairy is just for you. It’s not something you have to share and it’s simply having an activity and dedication that is 100% yours.. Whether your writing about something you’ve seen on TV that’s inspired you, or day-to-day stuff. It’s yours 100% your own creation of your life. 🙂

Get to know yourself better.

You get to spend time writing about what you have done, how you’ve reacted, what inspires you, what are you passionate about, the more you write, the more you see patterns and have more quality ‘you time’. Get to know yourself more…


As mentioned above you can express yourself 100% and you can get really creative with your content. I sometimes write in the 3rd person form, or I’ve even tried writing in Shakespearean language. You can create poems if you feel inspired, simply, there are no rules!

Improving on those writing skills.

Just with any skill, the more you do it, the better you get. So writing either daily or weekly helps you maintain and improve your writing skills! And that’s just a bonus!

A little something for your grandchildren to read.

I would have loved to have read my grandparents dairy. What life was like for them, in this ever-changing world and just the normal stuff they did day to day. I’m sure grand-kids would love to read about ‘life before the mobile phone.’ It already seems like a lifetime ago…

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