20 different times.

So I might “lie” sometimes. So you can flatter yourself and call me a liar. But you’re a BITCH. And you don’t even try.

This time I’m committing.

We both know who you’re going to end up with. So why are you wasting your time with me?

And just in case you didn’t catch this, when I tell you that I’m coming into a room before I walk in and come in with my head down, or that time I told you I would leave for two minutes and come back, it’s because I want you to text him, reply, do it not in front of my face so I don’t have to see, so I don’t have to hurt. And guess what, it works for me.

But I still see it! You still act suspicious! Like… God damn, and I keep seeing you. And I hurt 20 different times each time.

I guess it takes time.

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