Happy Birthday Chris!

It’s my besties’ birthday today! She just turned 22. And, ‘22’ song by Taylor Swift was stuck in my mind for a long time during the day. And hey, it’s party time… 😀

I wanted to wish Chris at 12.00 am but it seems like I have turned off the alarm and has fallen asleep. I have no memory of that. And when I woke up in the morning and checked my phone I was like “Whaaaaat the hell?” I was chatting with one of my friends and I have fallen asleep while texting. There’s no meaning in the last 2 messages I have sent. Just some words. I’m sure auto correct took over my letters and made up words. It was really funny but embracing.

Well, there are three more friends I have to wish happy birthday. Buddhika, Yeha and Malithi. Wished them as well and got ready to go to work. Umm… nothing special happened today at work to write about. Urgh!… Today we have to stay till 3.30pm. Then need to go to Hilton hotel, Colombo. That’s where the party is. Well, it’s wasn’t a party. Just a dinner. No dancing. Blegh!!… =/

I was there by 7.00pm. Reni and her sis were there too. I was surprised and happy to see them. They have come back from Dubai for Cami’s wedding. Today was their engagement so they weren’t there. We ate till 10. OMG! We ate and ate for ours. I couldn’t even eat half of it. I was stuffed with all kind of dishes. We all were. And yet you want me to eat more because I didn’t eat like y’all? WHAT?!! The worst part is we were laughing for no apparent reason and it hurts. We couldn’t dance but we had fun. I was way more tired than them of cause because it was a long day for me at work and I missed the cab so I had to travel by bus. Urgh… A BUS!! I hate traveling by bus.

Came back around 11.00 pm. I was worried about my scooty. I left it in front of our school in the shop because I knew it’s gonna be late when I get back and there’ll be no trishaw for me to go back home. So I left it there. Glad there’s a security uncle but I was still worried. WOW!! The roads were clear. No vehicles, no people, all the shops were closed. It’s surprising that I wasn’t scared. I remembered of a lonely ghost town like in horror movies. I felt like I am in a movie. Awesome! This is gonna be awesome. Time for a ride baby girl.  I played a song, plugged in my head set. Turned the volume up. Fucking hell. I am alive. This is super cool. I raced home singing my lungs out. No short-cuts today. I chose the longest road way to get back home. It wasn’t long enough for me though. I felt sad when I stopped near our house gate. Wanted to ride more. Man, I love riding. I enjoy it so very much. Very, very much!… 😀

I need to marry a guy who’s a rider. A sexy biker freak. Just as awesome I am. I’d ride him (if you know what I mean) and ride with him all my life. Hahaha…. Road trips? Long rides? Aaaah! It turns me on even thinking about it. Will he be ‘the one’? (Biggest question mark in my life at the moment) I wish!

Okay! Gotta go. Good night journal! I have work tomorrow…. =/

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