My first protective style

introducing my first protective style for the year…. box braids: these box are waist length, and were done by  ans African beautician.

I’m not going to say that these are my favorite ever but they will have to suffice for the remainder of the summer as well as my time in Jamaica.. These braids were installed on July 6, and they were oh so very tight, but i must admit they were also very neat. This picture was taken July 16, a week and 3 day after installation, IT”S WASH DAY, as well as moisturizing day! Because I’m natural my braids tend to get fuzzy so after today, i plan to not wash my hair again until after 3 weeks, unless of course i go to the beach, or something of that nature.

Today though, washing is a must, despite being extensively warned, i haven’t oiled my scalp since getting the braids, from now on I plan to oil my scalp daily, because it itches like a bitch! wash day is necessary… also it is best to oil my scalp daily as i do with my natural hair, in order to prevent breakage. which is  a huge problem for me and why i haven’t had an enormous amount of growth…

Ever since my stint with flat ironing weekly during the 7th grade with out heat protect-ant, i haven’t gotten my hair to it’s former glory… but after a gigantic trim before the braids, thing must be looking up for me..

one of the things i look forward to in the near future is the Senegalese twists I’ll get at the end of the summer at the hands of Jamaican professionals! i love those twists, and i will hopefully have those for four months ( highly unlikely, more like 3, but a girl can only hope)

then I’ll remove those and do my DIY marley twists


5 thoughts on “My first protective style”

  1. Hola Naturalista!! I’ve done the big chop twice – and have been relaxer free for three years (my hair is about 12″ when straighted – I decided to transition this time around). I’ve managed to cut out all the damaged relaxed hair, and get a wash and set twice a month, and wash let it air dry and then pull it into a nice bun, or let it air dry and try to style it at other times. I hope this is will be a wonderful journey for you.

  2. I plan on it being wonderful LOL!! but thanks for reading and commenting, So you’re transitioning now then? Or have you already gone completely natural? I might have misunderstood

  3. I am completely natural now. Transitioning was difficult because of the two hair textures. The heat from the hair drying and blow dryer has changed the texture of my hair, so I would recommend staying away from any type of heat if you want to maintain the integrity of natural curl pattern.

  4. Oh, Okay, awesome! 12 inches, I need to get like you! I will definitely stay away from heat, I’ve been there, and done that, I’m not going back. I had so much heat damage, that I had to transition out of heat damage

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