Dear Diary

I have been trying to join other social networking sites with no such luck!! Not accept my name as Susan Elizabeth Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok!!! Nothing goes through to my own yahoo email for some reason!! I use my own full name Susan Elizabeth Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok!!! I do not understand this!! Bothers me a little!!!

I also joined  social networking site through my other own e-mail,!! This social networking site went through to my own, unfortunately I could not access the social networking site I joined after verifying my e-mail to open the social networking site account!!!

I had no problem at all changing my own name on both my own Google+/Youtube and Twitter accounts!! I have had no problem at all signing off as Susan Elizabeth Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok on both my own Google+/Youtube  and my own twitter SusanElizabethA!!!! I do not understand what the problem is using my own name as Susan Elizabeth Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok!!!

Back in the 1970’s growing up one went up the road to get a magazine with all the latest news and pictures of singers, bands and actors!! Today it is all on the internet for everyone to read!!!

There are things I like to say online, only one has to be careful, as can misunderstood!!! As I have found out by experience!!!  There are private social networking sites  only available  as mobile apps!!!

I do not own or have my own mobile phone, cannot afford a mobile phone!!! I even tweet to the men themselves when answering their posts or tweets when  signing off as Susan Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok!! No problem at all!! Susan Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok here in New Zealand.

I am to get me an ipad so I can join one or two private social networking sites I cannot access on my own laptop, computer!!!

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