so i got home yesterday. it went really well. started off horribly sucky but it ended awesome. i met my roommate and we get along super well. k and i are already planning our dorm room together. i think this year might not be as awful as i had thought.

after i got home from orientation c took me to a movie. despicable me 2. it was adorable and i loved it. we saw a at the concession stand and she was not happy that we were together. she saw how hurt i was and doesn’t want it to happen again. she asked if it was a date and i didn’t know what to say so i just turned my head and looked away. c decided that it was a date. he asked me how many nights he is allowed to stay at school. he seemed pleased when i said as many as i wanted him to. i know he wont be able to stay for long periods of time but i will take any time with him that i can get. i want him to visit me whenever he can and he said he is excited to come visit me too. that means hes thinking about a future with us. i don’t know how definitive that future is but at least its there. we went back to the car and talked about it. we went on a date. that is what we are doing now. we are dating. no tittles but that’s okay. he looked at me and told me that he doesn’t want to be with anyone else. he still doesn’t know what is going to happen between us but he is not going to be with anyone else. i know tittles freak him out but if i were to label us as something i would say we are dating and that we are together. we act just like we used to except im a little more hesitant because i don’t want to push him. he still tells me he wants to be with me and only me. and i truly believe him.

we slept together last night after we talked and i don’t understand how to explain how amazing it is. just being so intimate with him and so close in every way is beautiful. we know exactly what the other one wants and even after all this time we still surprise each other. we learned all the little tricks and are still finding new ones. i could never get tired of sleeping with him. and not even in the sexual sense either. sleeping with him as in actually sleeping. laying in the same bed together and feeling him next to me. its the most relaxing feeling. i would be happy to sleep next to him every single night.

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