Do I look down at folk

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I had a bad day at work. There is this one landlord who I don’t see eye to eye…perhaps because it had been my experience that they are a little ham fisted when they have to carry out works, or perhaps this is the impression which my collegue has fostered onto me. ¬†Anyway that being said they are now looking to the tenant to pay damages to their property which are justified….

The priblem they have with me is they are saying I am being biased towards the tenant and not taking care for their concerns

Right or wrong: It has veen pointed out to me that there are times when I display an attitude towards them that shows I look down upon th….This has shocked me as maybe when I am unable to get through to a person wgrn I am unable to commuicate with them on a cqlm level I shut down

My body language although no where near aggressive shows that I am no longrr listening to them….I know it sounds bad…

I think I need to hide my emotions at work and work with aggressive people rather than refuse to talk to the altogether as wen I try to get my point across it seems like I’m argiung when all I’ m really trying to fo is be honest and upfront…



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  1. I think your best plan is to try your best to be polite. Sorry, I’m kinda confused on your problem, but my thing on this site is to help people with their everyday problems and offer advice, and you outright asked, so I had to try, right?

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