He left us alone.

Jesus! Jesus, what is you doin Jesus?

Woah man, chill. Whatsup?

Well I’ve been going with this girl for a while. We just argue and make each other unhappy. It’s been the same thing for forever now… Aren’t I supposed to be learning something or isn’t it supposed to be part of a plan?

Oh, you mean you and Serena? Right Right.. Oh, you know what happened?

What Jesus?

See, I kinda put it on auto-pilot-Jesus and took a nap.. My bad

Jesus that was a long nap!

I know, I just be sleepy sometimes

It’s chill… But what am I supposed to do now?

Listen man.. Patience is key. Go with the flow, but at the same time, rise above all.

Hm… Jesus what does that mean?

Love and peace man… Love and peace.

Jesus, I’m all about that life but I’m not sure you’re making sense anymore.

Hey, you’ll figure it out.

Sigh… Alright Jesus.

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