Hello Goodnight – This is my Intro…..

When did I get to that place in life where complacency and settling became acceptable for my life? My life has become a joke, and I’m not sure how I got here. What I do know is that I don’t want to be here anymore. I don’t want this life anymore. I am a mother of three (two of which are my step children), a fiance that will never see her wedding day, a sister and daughter who is fed up with her family, and women who is broken – and did I mention that I have finally given into the fact that I am bi-curious. Yeah, my life couldn’t be crazier. So, with your help, I hope to heal and come out of this a better women.

I’m not sure where to begin or how much of myself I want or need to put out there.  But, when I found out my fiance was/is cheating on me, I felt like my world was ready to crumble. Not sure that he realizesthat I know – I think he feels he’s been doing a great job at hiding his indiscretion. And to think he did such a great job of wooing me, knowing that I never wanted to get married or even live with a man – and I get to that place where I can see myself spending forever with him, and he turns and does this to me.  Where did I go wrong?  What signs did I miss?  When did I become a joke to him?  Too many questions, not enough answers.

Hello GoodNight, a pleasure to meet you all!!

4 thoughts on “Hello Goodnight – This is my Intro…..”

  1. Hi, my name is Destinee. I’m young but you already remind me of myself and my best friend. I already feel like I know you and we could be talk about anything. I’m glad you’re on the site. Your story seems interesting, I’d love to talk (:
    (trying not to be too formal lol)

  2. No need for formalities – I’m going to put my story out there in bits and pieces – It goes from a really crazy wonderful love story to finding out my guy is a piece of, well, you know!! What’s frustrating is that I can’t leave him, not just yet…..And that is taking a tremendous amount of strength on my part.

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