Will I make it out alive? I miss my hair

Sooooo, it’s only been 16 days since I put in my braids that’s almost a month! Yay!
But despite my lovely progress, as the days go by, I miss the feeling of my hair, my soft and smooth afro.. I miss wearing my hair out in twist outs and twisting back up my hair for my nightly routine… And because I missed it so much, last night i took out two braids in the back of my head… Very counter productive I know! Because after all, didn’t i say I was going to keep these braids in for two months? And wasn’t the goal NO MANIPULATION?! Sigh, my mom was right when she said I had an obsession with touching my hair.
But it’s okay, I do solemnly swear that I will NOT be undoing my hair until the Sept 6, the 2 month mark!
…..Is what I say now, and what I said 16 days ago…
That aside, my hair felt awesome after I removed the two braids, very soft and well moisturized, I was surprised because my hair does tend to get very dry, so this was a sign of ummm… Awesomeness!!! (for lack of a better word)
And maybe I’m just imagining things, but my hair does seem to have passed my collar bone, ever so slightly 😉
I’m excited to see how much growth I will gain at the second month mark, so that I can gauge my the rate of my hair growth and adjust the length of my journey according to that…
Until then I will continue the nightly routine that I began, this routine includes a scalp massage with this thing called “Organix coconut milk”. I hadn’t packed any of my usual hair oils or moisturizers with me on my trip to Jamaica, so I nicked this stuff from my Grandma. And well not only is it a ” Anti-breakage serum” it also is aroma therapeutic. Which is good for my nose and scalp, Yay!
Maybe the reason I miss my hair so much is because I wont stop watching those videos of naturalistas on youtube, seeing them do their tresses and rock their fros make me so jealous..

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  1. I am LOLing over here – my braids usually make it about 3, maybe four weeks before I rush to take them out!! Two months is a pretty long time – hair does need a break so remember you are doing it for a good reason. I usually braid/weave my hair in the summer and have yet to do it.

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