You know what? I very much enjoyed today(: Even though she was a bitch and texted through the whole movie, and I am curious as to what job Adora was talking about?

“What about that other job, he was nice”

“Oh no, not that job”

What was that about? Did “he” mean him?

You know what, it doesn’t even matter(: today was great, and Serena can do whatever she wants (: cuz it’s forever over and that’s how it needs to be..

I just want to leave her for good August 19th.. So she’ll have no one.

So I can “make sure you miss you me”

And “make sure you know that this is all your fault”

But we know I won’t have the guts. Hell, I’m sure they’ll have at least one big day together before he goes off. Aww, they’re so in love. All he has to do is ask for one last time. What a little bitch. I can’t even imagine what there’s left to talk about anymore.. It’s weird, it Pissess me off. It actually kinda grosses me out lol. But anyway, that’s reason enough for me to finally “fucking step.”

It’s just not fair. I bet after he leaves you’ll try and get serious with me and be bored and want me more. Bull shit, I deserve better.

Wow, sorry baby I did not mean for this to turn into a rant. Today was good(: so ready to get high again.. I never thought I’d be this kid.. Lol thanks for always driving me around, I know I’m a dick sometimes and I piss you off.. But I appreciate all the trouble you go through for me<3

And those kisses tonight.. Once I felt your lips, I knew I had to.. I just had to no matter what.. Your kisses are never less than magically breath taking.

Magically-breath-taking… Magic-eth-ing… Meth. Your kisses are never less than Meth. I love that. And your kisses will always be my favorite thing. Never forget that. Ugh and you made me so hot today.. But we’ll pretend it never happened..

I know you like my short journals.. sorry to disappoint..

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