Protect Your Six

The Blind Side

I have probably watched this movie about 3 times, maybe even 4. I feel like this movie is ALL about protecting your family, and also protecting yourself and others from what you don’t see coming. For example, in The Blind Side, Michael and SJ got into a car wreck, and the first thing that Michael did was put his arm in front of the airbag so that SJ wouldn’t get hurt. If it weren’t for Michael, SJ could have been seriously injured, and the blame would be all on himself. As much as this is the scariest, frightening part of the movie, I personally think that it’s the most meaningful part of all. It shows how much Michael cares for SJ and also did not want to hurt the mother. I’m much like this with my own family. As much as we all piss each other off, we still all love each other, and there’s no way in Hell that that’d ever change.


Quote: “Nothing Lasts Forever. ” – As harsh as this may seem, I truly believe it. Things change and people leave. That’s just the way it goes. Eventually your friend is going to die, your parents are going to die, your pet is going to die. And eventually, you’re going to die, too. As odd as my opinion seems in this, I do believe in Heaven, however. But in the physical world, nothing lasts forever.

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  1. I have been struggling with the fact that my loved ones won’t last forever. It kinda scares me sometimes.I mean where would i be or what would i do without them? At first i thought it’d be best to not love them to much so i wouldn’t miss them when they died but after reading this i see that i shouldn’t hold back.I’ve got just one life to live, might as well live life to the fullest. btw ‘the blind side’ loved it! can’t watch it without a box of tissues.

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