My Perfect Someone – Part One

I guess I can start by sharing how this incredibly awesome love story started (and for those that read my intro, I will eventually get to how it slowly began to fall apart)…..As weird as it may sound, it all started with a dream.  I’m a dreamer. I dream about every and anything (as most people do).  Some good, some bad, some are disturbing, but for the most part, most of my dreams always come with a meaning behind them.  It can take me a day to figure them out –other times, they don’t manifest for weeks.

This particular one started on a random day, nothing extraordinary about it, except waking up from this one dream.  I was slow dancing with this incredible guy.  The man in the dream is familiar someone to me – he has an amazing career as a lawyer, he’s a writer and an inspirational speaker.  That alone is enough to peak any woman’s interest.

In this dream, we were in a big empty room, void of color (if that makes sense) – we were slow dancing.  I had on this long gown that reached the floor, and he was holding me very sensually.  Nothing perverse or over the top – just a man slow dancing with his lady.  Once I awoke, I felt some kind of way about this dream – there was no beginning, no end – just two people slow dancing and in love.  So I jot this dream down like I do all those that I feel have some value to them, and went about my day without giving it a second thought.  A day later, I had this sudden urge to log onto a dating website – now keep in mind that at the time I was single, and happy.  This was about two years after I spent 4 ½ years being completely single and celibate by choice.  I had been through so many ups and downs with men that I took a break – a rather long break.  During my hiatus from dating, I realized that I didn’t want to get married, didn’t want any more children (which I already knew after having my son), and would be happy with the occasional date that will lead to nowhere.  I was happy. So for me to have this sudden urge to go on a dating website was a bit odd, but the urgency would not let up – so I did.  Met all kinds of character.  And I must say that anyone that does these dating websites, I applaud you because it is a lot of work! But nonetheless, I figured that I must be on there for some reason, so I kept at it.

Exactly one month after having this dream, I get a message from this man – the message it was short and sweet.   “I read your profile and I found it to be sincere and refreshing.  Hello, my name is Manny, and it is a pleasure to meet you”.  Like I said, short and sweet.  And this is how my love story begins…….

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