prove to me.

I can’t really focus with these tears in my eyes and this fucking anger so this is not going to be deep and meaningful like I want it to be.

Don’t feel obligated to prove to me anything while I’m gone, don’t not do what you want to do for me while I’m gone. We’re never going to be, so there’s no point in not seeing him for me. Just be his while I’m gone, I know you want to. And if this is the case, I ask you to not text me while I’m gone. Call and say goodnight or during the day, that sounds really nice.. But please no texting.. I’ll send you pictures, of which you don’t need to reply to.. But I brought my pills for you. I didn’t bring Oli because he’s in the hospital getting his head fixed in surgery. Wish I left my house keys to you. Idk in case you wanted to get out, my house is there.. But I guess I’m weird that way. This trip is gonna suck with my Dad, just saying.

Ha, we just passed your snow cone place.. Thank you for everything <3

So much on my mind and it’s all bitching. Fucking sucks.

I feel like I still reek of weed. My bag smelled of it big time so I had to bring my backpack I used in school.

I hate that I want more. This is bull shit.

Hey, I think I’m done.. Not only because it’s bad for me, but for other reasons as well.

We both have FUCKING. ISSUES.

And that is the death of us Serena Rodriguez.

Aright bye


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