A Warrior’s True Colors


– I care about everyone, even if they’ve done me wrong: I personally feel like everyone deserves a second chance and the privilege to start over, and if you don’t allow them to get that, you’re a hypocrite. You’d want a second chance, wouldn’t you? Exactly. It’s not even just about second chances. This also involves that people are people, and humans are humans. No matter their race, gender, age, or even their sexuality should change that. I would want to be loved and cared for under any circumstances, so I’m not going to put others through the opposite.

– I like the freckles on my face, and my blue eyes: These features make me, “me.” My blue eyes show the pain and recovery I’ve been through, and my freckles represent every time I’ve cried but got through it. It shows that I’ve made mistakes, and no matter what, that can’t define who I am.

– I believe in gay rights: Why should it matter whether or not you fall in love with the same gender? Love is love, even if it’s not exactly what’s supposedly, “allowed,” in this world. Be who you are.

– I’m against bullying in every way: I have personally been bullied, simply being made fun of for being who I am. I know how it feels to cry every time you hear your name being whispered around you, or to catch people constantly looking your way. There may not always be a reason for being bullied, but to you, it may seem like you’re the reason it’s happening. But you’re not the reason. I guarantee you could be the best person in the world, and society would still decide to try to break you down, because they know that they can’t be as strong as you.



– I’m insecure about my weight: No, I do not think I’m fat. It’s simply just that I used to be skinnier, and seeing girls all around that look like how I used to break me apart because I let my emotions get ahold of me, causing the pounds to come back on me.

– I get attached easily: I always feel the need to have someone by my side no matter what, simply because I’ll feel unsafe. I tend to attach myself easily to people that are basically just there for me all the time. Sooner or later, I get too attached that I will break down as soon as they leave my side.

– I have a low temper: I feel like I have a low temper because I keep in my emotions so often that as soon as one simple thing happens that has the ability to piss me off, ALL of those bottled-up emotions pour out.

– I let things get to me too easily: Since I am so insecure about myself, and have been bullied, I take every word said to me offensively. I know that’s a terrible way to live, but I can’t help it.

– I tend to worry a lot: If you know me, I overreact about the littlest things. This comes from a low temper, bottled-up emotions, and my insecurities. I’m always scared of losing someone or something, which brings on the worrying.


Quote: “Words are powerful. They have the power to save or take a life.” – This can be seen many ways. But, how I personally see this is, the way you use your words all depends on the consequence and reaction you’re going to get. If you’re being rude and chaotic with your words, the victim will most likely be taken back, worried, angry, and sad. However, if you’re using nice, caring, and kind words, you could possibly save a life.

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  1. Okay now I official respect and admire you.Of all your entries i think this is the best. . I have been bullied and i’ve been a bully too. according to me bullies are just people with scarred pasts and lots of hidden insecurities. I’m amazed that you are so honest and I really respect that.

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