My First Time

No, this doesn’t always mean the day you lose your virginity. This means the first time you’ve conquered your fear, tried a new thing, or even a new milestone in life, such as a birthday. Of course some people won’t remember simple things like, “The first time I ate a carrot,” but, that’s reasonable. Here, I am going to elaborately explain my first times.

I was actually in third grade whenever  I had my first kiss. No one really knows that though. I guess that’s because I knew I wasn’t allowed to be kissing, under my parents rules, at 9 years old. I usually just tell people that my first kiss was during seventh grade, on a bus, with a total man whore. I get that that is a bit more embarrassing than a third grader kissing her neighbor, however, I feel awful about my first kiss, only for the reason being I disappointed my parents. So, back to the story… Like I said, I kissed my neighbor. I basically just thought it was neat, we were sneaking around, trying to do the “normal teenager” things, but of course it didn’t necessarily feel that way. I honestly can’t remember as much as possible, but that will always definitely be my true first kiss.

I don’t want to make this whole page based off of love and all, but here comes the story of my first crush. Of course, I was in kindergarten, what could you expect? His name was William. He was one of those class clown kids. He had short brown hair, and he always wore the color green. I don’t know, maybe that’s just the color I remember him in. He had brown eyes, and although I don’t always prefer brown eyes, I was also just in Kindergarten, so I don’t think his eye color could have mattered to me. I think after first grade, William moved. I never saw him again, and soon enough, the crush started fading away, like any childhood crush would.

My first favorite singer was Hilary Duff. She was always my inspiration and I looked up to her so much. She had such a bubbly personality that it was almost a reflection of myself. I always watched her movies, such as Material Girls, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and Cadet Kelly. I think it got too upsetting for me to see her grow up, and I just lost interest in her. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to her music and figure out I still know all of the words to majority of her songs that I spent my childhood listening to.

There is also the time that I first moved. The first time I actually moved it was literally to a house across the street, and I was too young to remember what that was like. So, this time I will be talking about whenever I moved from Voluntown to not even half a mile passed the Voluntown-Griswold border. Although I was officially living in Griswold, Voluntown Elementary still allowed my brothers, my sister, and I to go to the school until we settled our permanent living area. So, this place wasn’t even a mile from the former house. We literally could ride our bikes there in under 5 minutes. Maybe even 3 minutes. I remember my brothers and I riding our bikes down the hill on the road all the way to the new apartment/house. We would carry things instead of packing EVERYTHING into the van. Or we’d ride our bikes back and forth, from old house to new house. First we’d pack up the van, then we’d ride our bikes to the new house, while my parents were driving the van there. We’d meet up and start unpacking. This was supposed to be only a temporary living, so we stayed there for only a year. We were crammed. My parents had their own room. My sister and I had our own room. And my three brothers also shared a room. It was pretty intense.

Quote: “Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy.”  – I can probably say this is how I always feel with the people I love. Some of them may not think that’s enough, or that we never talk about anything different, but  to me it never matters what we’re talking about, or even if we’re talking about anything, because anything involving the person can put me on top of the world.

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