La Famiglia

So, I guess I could say my whole life basically started out 10 years ago, when I was 5 years old. It was the night of May 24th, 2003. My mom was at my neighbors house late at night, just hanging out, because they were extremely good friends. The next morning, my brother and I woke up to my dad telling us that Mom had passed away the night before. I’ll be honest, I never had a clue on how she died until just 2 years ago. It turns out that she just had a random heart failure. It wasn’t anything expected and it happened so suddenly that it was a shock to everyone. I don’t have much memories of my mom, but the ones that I do have, I’ll definitely cherish forever.  For example, once, my mother, my brother, and I went fishing. We caught a catfish but sadly, the hook got stuck in the fish’s throat, so we had to cut the line and release it. Another memory I had with her was whenever I first learned how to correctly spell my name. I remember shouting down the stares to my mom that I had finally done it. Of course these memories are going to be a bit vague, considering the age I was at.

So eventually we all moved pass the death of my mom, and my neighbor started to babysit my brother, my sister, and I. She grew close to our family over the years, and after a while, her and my dad went on their first date. Soon enough, our family moved in with hers, consisting of two boys, they were both older than me. I remember a random day coming home from school, we all walked into the living room, to my dad and her telling us, “We’re getting married this Sunday.” I think we were all in shock and disbelief wondering, ‘how on Earth is that even possible?’ But, hey, they did it. They got married on February 3rd, 2008 on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s been about 5 years since, and a lot has changed.

After a few years living in Voluntown, my parents finally decided to move to Franklin. At first I was a bit iffy about the decision, but we all kind of got used to it, and now it’s our home. My sister was headed into 3rd grade, me into 7th, two of my brothers into freshman year, and my oldest brother into his junior year of high school. One of my older brothers now has a job. He’s 17 and works at Big-Y in Norwich. My other 17 year old brother doesn’t have a job, and doesn’t care much about finding one either. He’s out of the picture though. And lastly, my oldest brother whose 19 years old has had a few jobs over the years and is starting to get into life-long possible careers.

In 2010, my stepmom’s mother passed away. Since I basically grew up with my stepmom being a mother figure to me, I was also really close with my Nina. She had been off lately, and unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. One morning I had come home from my friend’s house, to my dad telling me, “Carly, we have bad news.” I honestly didn’t think it’d be as serious as it was. “Nina passed away this morning,” he had said to me. My immediate reaction was shock, because I was now old enough to understand and experience a family loss. I walked emotionless up the stairs and started bawling my eyes out for hours. I didn’t know what had gotten to me. I remember going to her funeral. It was the first time I had seen my older brothers cry like that. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.

I honestly thought I’d have more to talk about, but I feel like those were the main events in my life. So to Michael, living with a sibling, or a few, is quite an interesting way to live. They kind of just build themselves into your life. They come a part of it. They get annoying, but no matter what, you’ll always love them and put them before yourself. It’s funny whenever I argue with my sister, because we’ll be screaming at each other, walk away from each other, and then about an hour later, we’ll forget what happened and act as we had before we were fighting. I remember one time my first serious boyfriend broke up with me. I immediately started crying. I walked out so that no one would have to look at me. My sister ran after me with tears in her eyes. I started laughing, “Why are YOU crying?” She replied with, “You think I want you to be upset?” That just made me cry more, wouldn’t it make you? Exactly. As sisters, we fight, argue, but in the end we’d do the world for each other.


Quote: “Don’t play games with a girl who can play better.” – I feel like sometimes most guys do not realize that girls are a lot smarter than they think. We know exactly what you’re up to just by the tone in your voice. If you become a smartass with a girl, she’s onto you, and she knows that two can play better than one, so you better be prepared and watch out.

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