The Pain Pills

I take pain pills a lot.

I tell myself it’s because of the headache I have.

Or sometimes because of the headache I had ten minutes ago.

“What if it comes back?”

I ask myself.

So I down another two pills.

I know the real reason why I take the pills.

I just hate to admit it to myself.

“It’s just the headache”


“Just the toothache”

But deep down I know why I take the pills.

I take them in hope that maybe one day

They’ll make the real pain go away.

Not the pain in my head

Or the pain my tooth

But the pain in my heart

And my soul.

One thought on “The Pain Pills”

  1. Couldn’t write it any better even if I tried. I tell my self the exact same thing before I take another pill.. Things will get better with time… at least that’s what I’m told..

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